HY2142 Series Main Features
  • High-accuracy voltage detection circuit
  • Delay time is set by internal circuit (external capacitor is not needed)
  • Delay time shortening function: overcharge detection delay time can be shortened by specific setup.
  • Output logic: Active high CMOS output; the high level is 4.7V (typical) output from regulator.
  • Output logic active high maximum time: (optional; not-limited as default)
  • Low current consumption
    • Operation mode 5.0μA typ., 9.0μA max (VCelln = 3.9V).
    • Shutdown mode 1: 4.5μA typ., 8.0μA max. (VCelln = 3.1V)
    • Shutdown mode 2: 0.6μA typ., 1.0μA max. (VCelln = 2.0V,)
  • LDO output circuit
    • LDO output voltage 3.0V/3.3V typ. Accuracy: ±65mV
    • LDO output current 2mA max.
  • Input voltage detection level:
    • High voltage resistant design: the absolute maximum rated value is 30V.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Small package: DNF8(1.97×2.46mm)
  • Halogen free green product

Package Type DFN8 (1.97X2.46mm)

Product Name Overcharge Detection Voltage
Overcharge Release Voltage
Overcharge Detection Delay Time
Overcharge Release Delay Time
Reset Delay Time of Overcharge Detection Counter
HY2142-AA6G 4.350 V 3.950 V 6.0s 64ms <0.6ms
HY2142-AJ4C 4.350 V 3.950 V 4.0s 64ms 12ms
HY2142-CJ4C 4.450 V 4.050 V 4.0s 64ms 12ms
HY2142-DJ4C 4.500 V 4.100 V 4.0s 64ms 12ms
HY2142-EJ4C 4.550 V 4.150 V 4.0s 64ms 12ms
HY2142-ZJ4C 4.300 V 3.900 V 4.0s 64ms 12ms