HY2141 Series Main Features
  • High-accuracy voltage detection circuit
  • Delay time is set by internal circuit (external capacitor is not needed)
  • Delay time shortening function: overcharge detection delay time can be shortened by specific setup.
  • Output logic: Active high CMOS output; the high level is 4.7V (typical) output from regulator.
  • utput logic active high maximum time: (optional; not-limited as default)
  • Low current consumption
    • Operation mode 5.0μA typ., 9.0μA max. (VCelln = 4.15V)
    • OV detection OFF mode 4.5μA typ., 8.0μA max. (VCelln = 3.1V
    • LDO OFF mode 0.5μA typ., 1.0μA max. (VCelln = 2.0V)
    • Standby mode 0.5μA maximum. (VCelln=1.5V)
  • Selection of 2-cell/3-cell/4-cell application: either 2-cell or 3-cell or 4-cell is selectable by means of external circuit
  • LDO output circuit
    • LDO output voltage 3.3V Accuracy: ±65mV
    • LDO output current 2.5mA (maximum)
  • High voltage resistant design: the absolute maximum rated value is 30V.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃
  • Small package: DFN-2.0*2.0-8L
  • Halogen free green product

Package Type DFN8 (2.0X2.0mm)

Product Name Overcharge Detection Voltage
Overcharge Release Voltage
Shutdown 2 Detection Voltage
Overcharge Detection Delay Time
Overcharge Release Delay Time
Reset Delay Time of Overcharge Detection Counter
LDO Output Voltage
Shutdown 2 Detection Delay Time
HY2141-AA1C 4.350 V 4.050 V 2.500 V 6.0s 16ms 6ms 3.300 V 6s
HY2141-DA1D 4.500 V 4.200 V 2.500 V 6.0s 16ms 6ms 3.000 V 6s
HY2141-EA1D 4.550 V 4.250 V 2.500 V 6.0s 16ms 6ms 3.000 V 6s
HY2141-UA1H 4.550 V 4.250 V 3.055 V 6.0s 16ms <0.6ms 3.000 V 6s
HY2141-FA1D 4.600 V 4.250 V 2.500 V 6.0s 16ms 6ms 3.000 V 6s