Digital Multi-meters


The digital multi-meters (DMM) are necessary for electrical/electronic technicians. Although the product has long life cycle, the product has low demand and various different types; therefore, the profit of the product is lower than alcoholics consumable products. For the reason, many large international companies gradually stop providing dedicated chips for the products. Moreover, the large international companies can design the dedicated DCC chips by themselves; on the contrpanies cannot design the dedicated DCC chips by themselves.
HYCON Technology is a professional measurement chip design company; in recent years, HYCON Technology provided the high-resolution Σ-Δ analog to digital converters and the mixed-signal processors, which can rival the same products of the large international companies. In addition, the company currently extends the original technique to the DMM application to provide the dedicated chips for DMM, including HY12P65 mixed-signal processor and HY3131 analog front end, etc.
HYCON DMM chips not only include the basic application structure, but also add many necessary functions, such as the programmable switch network, which can make the measurement switching more flexible. The chip adopts the high-resolution Σ-Δ analog to digital converters to reduce the peripheral circuit and achieve better accuracy. The chip provides the root means square (RMS) circuit and the peak hold measurement circuit can reduce the cost of the peripheral components needed by the AC signal conversion. The chip provides the built-in temperature sensor can provide the cold-junction compensation for the environmental temperature to further simplify the thermocouple measurement. The chip provides the UART or SPI standard serial interface, which can provide the communication function with a computer or high-class microprocessor visit Various peripheral simplifications make the package of the chip smaller to reduce the circuit layout space of the product, so the size of the product can be further reduced…More



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