• 1-cell lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs
  • 1-cell lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs
Main Features of HY2510 Series
  • High precision voltage detection circuit
    • Overcharge detection voltage   4.000V to 4.600V   Accuracy: ±20mV
    • Overcharge release voltage    3.600V to 4.600V      Accuracy: ±30mV
    • Overdischarge detection voltage   2.000V to 3.100V   Accuracy: ±50mV
    • Overdischarge release voltage 2.000V to 3.200V   Accuracy: ±50mV
    • Discharge overcurrent detection voltage   40mV to 250mV
      40mV~100mV         Accuracy: ±5mV
      >100mV~250mV    Accuracy: ±10mV
    • Charge overcurrent detection voltage     -40mV to -250mV
      -40mV~-100mV        Accuracy: ±5mV
      <-100mV~-250mV   Accuracy: ±10mV
    • Short-circuiting detection voltage           100mV to 500mV
      100mV~200mV         Accuracy: ±20mV
      >200mV~500mV      Accuracy: ±10%
  • Low current consumption
    • peration mode  3.0μA typ., 6.0μA max. (VDD=3.9V)
    • Overdischarge Current Consumption 0.16μA typ., 0.5μA max. (VDD=2.0V)
    • Power down Current 0.1μA max. (VDD=2.0V)
  • Delay times are generated by an internal circuit (external capacitors are unnecessary).
  • “Auto over discharge recovery” or “Power Down function” is selectable.
  • 0 V battery charge function is selectable: “Available” or “Unavailable”
  • High-withstanding-voltage: CS pin and OC pin: Absolute maximum rating = 20 V.
  • Wide operation temperature range: −40°C to +85 °C
  • Package: SON-1.6 *1.6-6L, SOT-23-6
  • Halogen-free, green package